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City of Presidio Library

Who We Are

The City of Presidio Public Library system is located at 1200 East O'Reilly St. in Presidio, Texas. The City of Presidio Public Library provides free services to all residents living within the Presidio city/county boundaries with services available to all others for a fee.

The library system holds over 11,960 materials including  books, and compact discs are also now available for check-out.

In total,  hundreds of items were checked out of the system during fiscal year 2010-2011! In addition to these items, thousands of people entered the library to utilize print and electronic reference resources, access the Internet through the Library’s fiber-optic connection, enjoy state-of-the-art Wi-fi service, participate in computer and Internet training, view a Library exhibit, or attend one of the Library’s many events.

Our friendly and professional staff is eager to serve you. Welcome to the Public Library!

Our Mission

The guiding principles for your library

The City of Presidio Library shall function as the central access point of information media for the education, enlightenment, and enjoyment of all of the people in the community.

"The purpose of the City of Presidio Library is to provide the members of its community with access to materials that can improve their minds, broaden their lives, and fulfill their cultural, intellectual, educational, and recreational needs."

"The mission of the City of Presidio Library is to provide all persons in the community with a safe and confidential environment in which they may freely pursue intellectual interests through diverse service and resources in a variety of forms


City of Presidio Library established 1983-

The story began when a small group of Presidio residents and representatives from the Texas Trans-Pecos Library system met for a luncheon buffet at Mrs. Ruth Legate's residence in May of 1982.  There they determined that sufficient interest for a library in Presidio existed. By July a Charter and Resolutions were approved by the City Council and a Library Board was created.  The first library board members were:  Mrs. Ruth Legate, Chairman, Mrs. Betty Van Eman, Mrs. Teresa Leyva, and Mrs. Gloria Myers.  The librarian's schedule, rate of pay, and qualifications were determined.

In September the Library Board was informed that funding from the Trans-Pecos Library System would be made available if Presidio could provide a budget and plans for a location.  In October the American Legion gave the library temporary use of the Legion building.  In November Mrs. Gloria Myers and Mrs. Ruth Legate traveled to Imperial, Texas to a meeting with Trans-Pecos with a budget and the location, and were informed that the library would be awarded over $1400.00.  The library was definitely becoming a reality!

The first friends of the Library group were organized in March of 1983.  Its members were Norma and Rick Joachim, Rosa Pelton, Francis Hernandez, and Julieta Rodriguez.  That same month the Resolution for the library was officially approved by the City Council and Ms. Carmen Elquezabal was approved as the first city librarian. 

In the next few months more funding was obtained, Ms. Elquezabal started setting up the new library, and on August 2, 1983 the library opened its doors.

One year later, the library moved to the Nieto's building on O'Rielly Street.  After 20 years there, it's time for another move!  Plans are underway for a new facility which will be built in the near future.

The City of Presidio Library has come a long way.  It now has an automated circulation program that provides an online card catalog and computers that provide Internet access.  The library is used by surrounding area residents as well as Presidio residents, and tourists visiting in the area regularly stop by.  The City of Presidio Library has indeed become an important part of the community. 

The City of Presidio Library moved to a new library building in  November  of  2008 and  is now currently located  on 1200 East O'Rielly St.   adjacent to the Senior Center and the Activity Center. 

 The current Library Board Members are :  Barbara Arthur, President, Carolina Ramos, Vice-President, Justina Tavarez, Secretary, Gloria Myers, Member, Julieta Rodriguez, Member, Ellis Villalobos, Member and Mr. Chase Snodgrass, member, Ms. Carmen Elquezabal, Library Director.