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City of Presidio Library

Summer Reading Program 2014

Fizz Boom Read 2014 ends with great success at City of Presidio Library
Summer Reading Program 2014

The International Newspaper

by Diana Aguirre Armendariz

The reading program fizz boom read 2014 ended last Friday with great success due to the response of parents since about 60 children participated.

The project was conducted with the support of volunteers, sponsors and active members of the City of Presidio Library.  Fizz Boom Read 2014 began on Monday, July 28, with the participation of many Presidio residents who came and discussed with the children what their jobs entail.

"I am very grateful to the parents and special guests we had all week," said Carmen Elquezabal, Library Director.

On the start day Joel Nunez, Chief of Police for the Presidio schools, went with the youth to make a presentation of their work.  At the same time, manual activities were conducted to show the children how they can make fingerprints.

"The participation of children enthuses us because not only are they learning but they're also having fun while getting to know the work of those who take care of our city," Miss Elquezabal said.

On Tuesday, the library was visited by Sonia Sanchez, mail clerk, who shared with the children the various activities carried out at the post office.  Children also learned the format for sending a letter while addressing an envelopes.  "It is important that children know this communication method, and parents are also happy because children learn useful things," Sanchez said.

On Wednesday, John Deputy, Director of the Presidio Port of Entry along with his colleague, Matthew Burkholer, talked about their work and the different strategies used to carry out their work.  As a sample of his work, he brought a canine to show children how to operate in favor of citizenship.

"We protect our nation and economic security," Deputy said during the presentation.

On Thursday, Aaron Lara, a young Border Patrol Agent, shared a good moment by showing the children the all terrain vehicles used as transportation to protect the border.

"All the guests have been special because each function they perform has a specific goal, and we want to show children the importance of each of the jobs they perform," said Miss Elquezabal.

Finally, the program ended Friday in Fort Leaton where the children enjoyed a pizza party and  played with toys from the past. In the end they received a certificate of recognition of their assistance during the program.

"I want to use this space to thank everyone who shared their time:  Joel Nunez, Clarissa Pina, Adan Covos, Martin Holguin, Sonia Sanchez, John Deputy, Matthew Burkholer, Aaron Lara, the staff of Fort Leaton Historic Site:; David Lewis, Tony Gallegos and Samuel Marquez, the students who helped with this program, Maria Muniz, Dylan River, Jose Medrano, Adrian Velasco, Sylvia Sanchez, Library assistant Jesus Flores, Porter's Thriftway, Ponchos Pizza, and finally all the parents for bringing the children to the summer reading program which was a great success.  Thanks to all of them," said Miss Elquezabal.