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City of Presidio Library

Presidio Public Library Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Presidio Public Library Celebrates 30th Anniversary

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Presidio Public Library, Carmen Elquezabal, library director, hosted a reception on Saturday morning, September 14, to symbolically celebrate the foundation of the library.

"Although what we know today as the library wasn't founded here, it has been a work in progress and today we can feel pride in what has been achieved," said Elquezabal.

"Even though I didn't start this, with the help of my team we have offered our community better installations, more technical support, access to more books, as well as other conveniences," she added.

"Though it hasn't been easy to reach what we now know as the Presidio library, the celebration is a way of thanking society for its support.  Because without volunteers, participants and all those who use these services or offer help, the library wouldn't exist shared Elquezabal.

Before tasting the variety of dishes and Mexican sweets that were provided, the guests stepped out of the building to launch balloons as part of the festivity.

Reception attendants included families with their children police officers and Border Patrol agents.  Mariachi Santa Cruz provided the musical entertainment.

by Diana Aguirre Armendariz